Cheap flights to Europe


As an agent of WIZZAIR air company we offer the following flights to Europe for two persons in two directions in November*:
Berlin – 290 EUR eq. in AMD**,
Dortmund – 240 EUR eq. in AMD,
Larnaka – 200 EUR eq. in AMD,
Munich – 240 EUR eq. in AMD,
Milan – 300 EUR eq. in AMD,
Sofia – 200 EUR eq. in AMD,
Thessaloniki – 220 EUR eq. in AMD,
Warsaw – 280 EUR eq. in AMD.

* – Price includes the transfer from any address in Yerevan to new Kutaisi International Airport and back by a comfortable car.
** – Payments to be done in AMD based on CBA exchange rate for Euro as of the date of payment published on the official website of CBA.

For more details please call 060 766 766.